Who Am I

My Name is Jeevanatham Subburaj and i am a programmer, blogger and currently living in NJ, USA with my wife (Meena) and two boys (Jana and Krishna). In the year 2000, I started my carrier writing Java and VB applications. In 2002, i started contributing java articles in codeproject.com including the Java chat application article which is one of the most viewed article in codeproject site and i still get emails from people asking for details about the chat application which i coded more than a decade ago. In 2004, i moved to Microsoft technologies when .Net was released and i am currently working on web application platform using Asp.net, C# and SQL Server Technologies.

I also love to explore and learn new technologies to upgrade myself with the current trend. I have developed many of my personal idea applications in Android, NodeJS and .Net Core. My other hobbies are watching cricket and tennis.

I created this blog to share what i learn everyday and will update this space whenever i have something more to add.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at vavjeeva@gmail.com or reach me at twitter , facebook or linkedin